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I'll need your Tesla login details to access your car details and provide this service. When you click Register, these details are sent to TesLender securely and used only once to get a special token from Tesla that can be used to communicate with your car in the future. As soon as we have the token, your login details are discarded. They are never stored in any database, not even for a second (only kept in memory while making the request). If you ever want to prevent this or any other website from accessing your car(s), simply change your password. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Due to a change on Tesla's end in the login process, you can not use Two-Factor Authentication on your Tesla account in combination with TesLender. I'm working to add this soon.
It looks like Tesla changed something again causing issues registering. If you are experiencing issues, please let me know
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